20-Year Record Octopus Caught in Hawaii

Michael Matsunaga of O'ahu's Wahiawa made the capture on August 30 off Turtle Bay, HawaiiNewsNow said.

Matsunaga was bottom-fishing at the moment, which entails lowering bait to the bottom of the water column to seek bottom-dwelling fish.

The 69-year-old lowered his bait—fish and squid—to 400 feet when he detected something on his line.

It was a challenge to get the enormous octopus aboard his boat. The toughest issue for Matsunaga was coping with the octopus aboard the boat.

"Eight legs! Two arms! He was in the cooler. But he attempted to escape. He's finally in the cooler

Matsunaga transported the octopus to Hana Pa'a Fishing Co., where it weighed 25.95 pounds

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