JP Morgan Chase holds an interactive event on the yard to teach people about money.

JP Morgan Chase put on a hands-on event on the Yard where students could learn about different parts of money management. The event started at noon and went on for three hours, during which time hundreds of students took part in the events.

On September 9, there was an event where resumes were reviewed, interviews were practiced, and people could talk to each other about internships and jobs at the company. Chase Bank also paid for food from local food trucks and restaurants to be served to the students.

The bank set up games like Jenga and cornhole so that students could talk to each other and learn professional and communication skills that would help them in college and as adults.

By giving play tokens to students every time they won a game, they could use the tokens to buy things like t-shirts, water bottles, and stickers. Students learned how to make a budget, save, and spend their tokens in a smart way.

Kristina Sicard, a vice president and senior banking consultant at JP Morgan Chase who works with minority entrepreneurs, said, “The event was made so that students of color could learn the skills they need to make money in today’s world. We hope that by having games and prizes, students will not only be able to learn, but also have fun while they are learning.

Lexie Ryan, a sophomore majoring in biology from Dallas, said the event was “fun, exciting, and gave students like me a lot of chances to learn why it’s important to know about money.” I learned how to make a budget and track my spending in my first year of college. Now I’m more aware of how much money I spend and plan my activities around that.

Consumer Finance says, “Developing financial knowledge, skills, and habits is a key step on the path to financial well-being as an adult for young people.”

Jojo Evans, a marketing ambassador for JP Morgan Chase Bank, told The Hilltop, “Offering students several professional and career development opportunities this early in their careers will help them build confidence in their skills.”

According to an article published by Deloitte, an international professional services firm, “some workers will need to learn new skills for new careers even though the job market is strong.”

Myles Mackie, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, said, “Chase’s workshops are definitely a chance for all students to improve their self-confidence. This has been a very helpful experience, especially since internship season is coming up.”

Kaie Hall, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering, said, “I think the partnership between JP Morgan Chase and Howard will definitely have long-lasting effects. I think this is a great move for Howard, its students, and its faculty because it will help them network, find jobs, and improve their careers overall.

In September 2021, the American bank JP Morgan Chase announced that it would be working with Howard University on a new project. As part of the Howard Forward plan, the goal of the partnership is to serve as the main bank for the University.

In an article published by the University, President Wayne A.I. Frederick said, “By choosing JP Morgan Chase as our primary operating bank, we are strengthening an already important partnership in ways that will bring clear and measurable success to the whole Howard University community and bring us closer to achieving our Howard Forward strategic plan.”

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